Cambridge via Grantchester Circular Walk

I wanted to do another walk this weekend and also catch up with my friend Neil in Cambridge. We decided on the Cambridge via Grantchester Circular Walk from Saturday Walkers Club. It was listed as 15 km with toughness 1 out of 10 which means super easy.

Not wanting to make the same mistake as the Sevenoaks walk where I ran out of daylight, we started this walk at 12.45pm.

The walk begins with guide’s “City Tour of Cambridge Colleges”. It was a leisurely winding route past many, if not all, of the Cambridge colleges, including:

At Gonville and Caius College we walked past the Gate of Honour which students walk through when they graduate. (There is also a Gate of Humility and a Gate of Virtue).

Corpus Clock

Another point of interest was the Corpus Clock. The man who conceived and funded the clock, John C. Taylor, invested five years and £1 million on the project. The clock is accurate only once every five minutes, the rest of the time being slightly ahead or behind. According to the Taylor, this reflects life’s “irregularity”. Continue reading “Cambridge via Grantchester Circular Walk”